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Sustainability in Construction

From a recently study it was concluded that construction industry dominants both in global energy consumption and global carbon release. The trend from last fifteen years were evident that one day it will continue to increase, if not controlled today. So the only way to save this upcoming disaster is to adopt sustainable construction practices to fulfil the market demand. Current construction practices contribute heavily towards air, water pollution and the major reason behind these is higher consumption of water, material, Oil, electrical energy etc. Sustainable Construction Practices can be referred to practices that are environmentally responsible & resource efficient throughout the project’s life cycle.

Sustainable practices includes:

  • Modern and efficient Designing Methods
    • Technologies like BIM for structure designing and planning
    • Insulated structure to minimise energy loss
    • Efficient placement of doors and windows to allow natural light and air
    • Addition of plants in the environment
    • Designing integrated system to reduce overall footprint
    • Recycle/reuse of water
  • Sustainable material consumption
    • Using other industry wastes as raw material in construction
    • Use of substitutes for naturally depleting substances
    • Use of renewable materials
    • 3R concept – reduce, recycle, reuse
    • Use of prefabricated items
  • Rainwater harvesting

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