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Construction Material

In our daily life we come across many types of building materials. Starting from rice straw roof to concrete roof, we have evolved in last few decades in India. Although if we go to rural areas in our country, we will still find few residential buildings of clay with rice straw roof. Materials used for construction varies both geographically and chronologically. Different materials are prioritised as per there availability and the purpose behind the structure, like steel can only serve the purpose for railway stations efficiently. From geographical Point of view, It is fascinating how buildings around the globe in all the countries and continents express themselves in a divergent yet unified way? Just like we human beings, the buildings breathe as well and can be distinguished with their own identities functionally and with the materials in construction, they wrap themselves with.

Few Well known Materials used across the globe:

  • Steel – considered one of the strongest components of many structures. These are used as reinforced bars in RC structures and used as standalone component in steel structures. It has high strength modulus in terms of both tension and compress.
  • Concrete – Primary material where compression forces are predominant. Volume wise it is the major component in RC structure, and most of the structures in metro cities are RC structure. Demand for this material is the most and it is increasing with time.
  • Brick – It is widely used as a filling material in almost all structures in urban areas. There are different classes of bricks and each has its unique use. These are classified on basis of their compressive strength.
  • Stone – Few decades ago almost all structures in rural areas are built of stone. There used to special craft persons who used to carve out different shapes out these stones. In almost all traditional monuments we can see a glimpse of skill and expertise.

Few Lesser-known Materials used across the globe:

  • Wood – Wood is considerably one of the oldest materials in the construction industry which has proved to be one of the most sustainable technologies.
  • Glass – The king of Contemporary architecture– glass is widely used in the present era to create lightweight transparent buildings that are see-through and provide daylighting.
  • Bamboo – Known for its strength, sustainability, and flexibility, this material is widely used based on geographical location.
  • Plastic – this material has been widely used to form facade structures, furniture, and industrial materials.
  • Fabrics – Mostly used in tensile structures, fabrics provide a wide array of options for temporary structures, tents, inflatable chairs, and many more.
  • Straw – One of the most natural building materials used traditionally as thatch is widely used in rural areas and areas with local availability.


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