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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill
Ex-PM Britain

There is no bigger motivation than serving the society.

We (promoters) being a part of the privileged society, where we could avail free education/health care through government benefits for 12 years, it is our time to give back to the society. With this thought process, we have started our entrepreneurial journey with NavoArch.

Sustainability being one of our core values, always plays a big role in finalizing any project design or execution plan. We are focused to ensure everyone around us can afford basic requirements in life like food, shelter, cloth, education, health care.

At the same time, we will be making an effort in conserving our nature through sustainability practices.  From an economics point of view, we are pledging to create employment and will contribute towards global GDP. Currently we are not financially strong enough to make a huge difference in the society, but we will put our baby step forward soon.


Classroom Renovation @JNV Sundargarh, Odisha

Education being one of our key focus areas from social responsibility point of view, we have completed one classroom(11th grade commerce) renovation project in JNV sundargarh. It was a special project as we could contribute towards our promoter’s alma matter. Nothing can beat the sense of pride among the team members for creating something reforming in the education sector. Even 1% increase in classroom engagement in the remote areas will be a big step towards the holistic growth of our country.

Participated in Plantation drive Organized by NHAI

   Sustainability being one of our core values, we never miss such opportunity to contribute towards the society. A big thanks to the team who have participated in the whole process, starting from the culmination of idea to efficient implementation. The message is pretty loud and clear, as a responsible citizen it is our basic duty to plant tree, so that we can handover the planet to our next generation in a healthy condition. Someone staying in a densely populated urban area, neither have the space nor adequate permission to plant a tree, so private/public entities needs to step up and organize such events in accordance to the locality planning department.

Thanks to mr. Sampad Sahoo for helping us to join the event.

A Unique Way of Celebrating Friendship Day

Along with fellow Navodaya Alumni from different parts of the state and few from outside Odisha, have successfully conducted sapling donation program. On the occasion of frienship day, motto was to gift medicinal and indoor saplings to all household in the Satya Vihar locality, so that people can start their friendship with the plant, by taking care of it, and in return we all will get benefitted from their friendship. This is an unique thought process and this event was organized by Mr. Rudra Narayan, Mr. Santanu Nandi, Mr. Pratyush sahoo and Mr. Sampad Sahoo.

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