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Navo Gruha

Introducing our cutting-edge solution - a smart, professional, and end-to-end service seamlessly integrating architecture, construction, and interior. Committed to sustainability and accountability, we ensure every project is a testament to luxury and precision. Elevate your space with our turnkey solutions, where every detail is crafted with expertise, making us the preferred choice for those who demand excellence in design and execution. Welcome to a world of seamless sophistication, where luxury meets efficiency - your trusted partner in transforming visions into reality.


The project encountered multifaceted challenges leading to significant setbacks across various fronts. Firstly, the ambiguity within the scope of work resulted in a perplexing maze, causing confusion and subsequent misallocation of partners. This misalignment was exacerbated by a glaring lack of coordination between the design and execution teams, leading to discrepancies and inefficiencies in project implementation. Quality assurance suffered as a consequence, compromising the project's overall standards. Consequently, these issues contributed to a notable delay in the project timeline, simultaneously triggering an unexpected surge in the project budget. Moreover, the absence of post-sales service further compounded these challenges, leaving stakeholders adrift without adequate support or recourse. Addressing these pivotal concerns is imperative for rectifying the project's trajectory and ensuring future success.

Product Highlights

Services Services


  • Conceptual plan
  • 2D floor plan
  • Elevation drawings
  • soil test
  • Structural drawings
  • MEP drawings
  • 3D visualisation
  • Smooth knowledge transfer process to the operation
  • Scheduled site visits for inspection


  • Final estimation
  • RCC core house
    • Foundation
    • Beam
    • Column
    • Slab
    • Wall
  • Project management
  • None deviation agreement on budget
  • Authorised Dealer for material procurement
  • IS code compliance for on site execution
  • Safety and quality checklist
  • Scheduled reviews for timely completion
  • NDT certification post job completion


  • Mood board
  • Conceptual plan
  • 2D plan
  • Elevation drawings
  • 3D visualisation
  • Tentative Estimation
  • Final estimation
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work
  • Flooring work
  • Painting work
  • Carpentry work
  • Polish work
  • Modular elements
  • Warranty on services post handover


  • After booking the appointment, our sales representative will reach you with all the details about the company and product
  • Client will be meet the experts and will go through the process in short
  • Once convinced client will book for the design process and the project will be locked in our system
  • Once the initial booking is done, site measurement will be done
  • Design process starts with architectural drawings, and interior design process will be come into picture subsequently
  • Once both the designs are finalised, 3D visualisation will be provided through AR/VR technology
  • Final estimation will be prepared after the completion of the design
  • Project proposal will be shared in two stages, civil work and interior work
  • Proposal document will have scope of work, material and service specifications, project schedule, service charge, payment terms and LD terms
  • Once both parties agreed on the proposal terms, service agreement will be signed and work order will be released
  • Execution process will be as per the agreed schedule
  • As like estimation, this will also be conducted in two phases, first one being the civil work and second one the interior work
  • Timely reviews will be conducted as per the schedule 
  • Post job completion, all the stakeholders will signoff the handover document along with snag points
  • Warranty period will start from the signoff date onwards
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