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Star city Residency

Architecture and BMC Approval for the third floor extension of star city residency in Bhubaneswar

One new floor addition to the already existing two storey building along with minimal revamp in the existing structures

  • Client – Private
  • Role – Architecture and BMC approval consultant
  • Approx Project Budget – 1 cr
  • Location – Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Project in Detail:

The architecture design of the new floor extension on this existing building is a testament to innovative thinking and harmonious integration. Seamlessly blending contemporary elements with the building's original character, this extension stands as a striking yet respectful addition to the structure. The design is a showcase of modern sustainability practices, incorporating energy-efficient materials and advanced construction techniques. The architecture not only respects the building's heritage but also enhances its overall aesthetic and functionality. This new floor extension is a testament to the enduring principles of architectural excellence, where the old and new coexist in perfect harmony, offering a sophisticated and versatile space that enhances the building's stature.

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