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1. What other residential homes you have architected/Interior work done? If you can share examples of the plot size and situation I have?

Answer 1: We are specialized in architecture and interior design service for Residential Apartments, Duplexes, Bungalows and commercial spaces. Can go through our website for more details.


2. What is your design process like? Can you walk me through the steps you’ll take to create a design for my home? 

Answer 2: Our design process is a cumulation of multiple small steps which covers all the aspects required to come up with a flawless and client-centric design. Right from knowing our clients, their requirements, site analysis and it’s constraints, budget constraints, clients ideas and aspirations, and bringing all of it down to our final design. For a better understanding, the steps followed have been listed below:

  • Listing out User requirements
  • Document Verification (Plot/Property Owner)
  • Architect’s Agreement (Scope of work and payment schedule)
  • Site Analysis and measurement
  • Conceptual Design Phase
  • Design Discussion 1
  • Design Presentation 1 (Revision 1 if required)
  • Design Discussion 2 (optional)
  • Design Presentation 2 (optional)
  • Government approval and approval drawings
  • Architectural drawings:
    • Floor Plans
    • Sections
    • Elevations
    • Structural Drawings
    • Foundation Drawings
    • Architectural Plumbing
    • Architectural Electrical
    • Concrete Slab Design
    • Exterior 3D Visualizations (4 numbers)


3.Will I be involved in the design process, and if so, to what extent?

Answer 3: Design is all about perspective and imagination. It is the client and their perspective without which the design cannot be developed. We as designers try to figure out the best possible solution to the client’s requirement keeping their future prospective in account. Requirements of the project, ideas and imaginations, vision for the project and timely approvals for our suggestions and presentations will be required. So, we will be requiring the presence of the key stakeholder (in this case you) who is going to provide us all the proper details and their idea regarding the project.


4. Do you also recommend materials and building techniques for my plot?

Answer 4: As we are already working as construction consultants in a few projects, we will provide those services if required. All other the technical details regarding both material and construction will be provided along with our architectural drawings for smooth and swift development of the project.

5.A  flat fee or an hourly rate? Will there be additional charges for revisions or changes to the design?

Answer 5: Our rates are uniquely designed for all projects considering client/site requirements. All our rates are optimised ones as per market standards and can be checked in the market.

For architecture and interior design service we charge variable rate as per the plot size and in few cases we charge in lumpsum or percentage rate. For construction consultancy service we charge depending on working hours/site visit. For construction execution we charge variable rate as per the plot size.

Minor design changes will not be charged, but we will discourage the same as a minute change in floor plan may lead to change in all the plans like structure layout plan, element schedules etc. Any major change in the drawing causing a fully revised drawing is chargeable.

6. How long do you anticipate the design process taking?

Answer 6: Mostly the design phase timeline depends on the complexity of the site and client requirements. As per our experience design process takes nearly 15 – 45 days after the site visit.

7. You will handle building permits and approvals?

Answer 7: Yes, we will be handling building permits and approvals. We have already delivered timely authority approval and work permits for more than 50+ clients.

8 .You mentioned about your partner doing construction. What that construction process looks like?

Answer 8: Within NavoArch Consultants, we have 2 business units – Studio (taking care of architecture and interior designing and planning work), Projects (taking care of construction and interior execution).

So basically apart from the financial book entries, everything remains the same for both the units from a company point of view (quality, values, leadership team, ethics etc). So be assured if that was the concern.

Construction process can be divided into 3 broad stages

  • BoQ finalisation and contract sign off – once we receive the RFI/RFQ from your side, we will submit a preliminary contract document (which will be unique to your work) on the basis of the finalised architectural design. Document will be finalised with required modification after having a detailed discussion within both the parties. Once we both agree, the contract document will be signed and a copy of that will be shared with both the parties. Contract document will have specifications for all the concerned material details, scope of work, line item rates, payment milestone and tentative schedule for the project.
  • Execution – Material procurement and detailed site survey will start once we receive the WO/LOI. Work will be executed as per the final architecture drawings and in accordance with Indian Standard codes. Work will be minutely checked with proper quality and safety checks (under the supervision of site supervisor/site manager) – frequent inspection will be there from the architecture team.
  • Hand Over – Client will be provided with all necessary technical and management documents containing the details regarding the project. After completion of each phase, joint site inspection will be conducted and the site will be handed over upon satisfactory results.


9. What kind of communication can I expect from your partner during the project? How often will you provide updates and progress reports?

Answer 9: Contact details of the architect and site manager will be shared at the start of the project. Client can communicate with the respective stakeholders as per his/her requirement. All the stakeholders will be available form 9 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening (office hours) through both telephonic/social media channels like whatsapp (may not be available on holidays/leave). All the stakeholders will be available in the non office hours upon any urgency as far as communication is concerned.

From a daily work progress point of view, a daily update will be provided with onsite pictures of materials and work (it will be provided on the day of work through whatsapp). A detailed progress report will be shared weekly which will contain the target vs achievement report as per schedule, material availability status, mitigation plan – every Tuesday.


10. Do you have a network of contractors and builders you work with?

Answer 10: We work in a hybrid model as per the onsite requirement and necessary supplier availability in the surroundings. Construction work can be broadly divided into 3 M’s  – Money, Material, Man Power (labour). Currently we are managing the Money and Material for all the sites inhouse, and we have our pool of partners who helps us with timely manpower. Keeping money and material in house is the strategic decision which we have taken in the near future, to deliver the project within targeted timeline. All our partners have contractual obligation with us considering on site work and material safety, apart from that few of them have indemnity bonds signed with us. From a project point of view, we take the end to end responsibility for everything that is happening on site.


11. What’s the most ideal time to do interior planning for your house?

Answer 11 : As interior works used to be executed in a controlled environment (within the house for non modular, within the factory for modular), so execution time does not matter much.

Best time can be defined as per the project:

  1. For standalone interior project: Summer season in India can be used as best suited time for interior work because of multiple reasons –
  • Absence of moisture in the surrounding makes it easy for carpentry work
  • Interior being an logistic dominated job(starting from material selection till equipment/material/modular section delivery), it is fairly easier in summer
  • Planning and design phase should complete by summer commencement, and the planning time generally takes around 30- 90 days as per project magnitude.
  1. For an end to end residence project (Construction and interior): Rainy season in India can be used as best suited time for interior work because
  • Core house construction work can not happen in this period, so it becomes best suited time for the project manager to complete the interior work in between, so that project timeline can be managed efficiently.
  • Work surroundings should be enclosed properly, so that moisture does not affect the material and adhesive quality.
  • Planning and design phase should complete by rainy season commencement, and the planning time generally takes around 30- 90 days as per project magnitude.


12. For the quality construction what amount money need ?

Answer – 12: If I consider you are asking about a core house for Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) frame structure construction work along with plastering. Cost of the project varies from site to site depending on the material selection and architecture concept/elevation/layout plan. Major elements in a RCC core house – Foundation, beam, column, wall, slab, staircase


Note: – Please do not confuse masonry construction work with RCC, which is predominantly used as core house structure in rural odisha. RCC structure has much more advantages over masonry structure in terms of stability, longevity and future extension.

  • Generally for single footing foundation work(commonly used one) : Tentative cost ranges from 400-600/- inr per sqft (built up area)
  • For superstructure : Tentative cost ranges from 1000 – 1300 per sqft(built up area)

eg: For a 1000 sq ft built up area at two floors, tentative foundation cost will range from (4 lakhs-6lakhs), tentative superstructure cost will range from (20 lakhs – 26 lakhs)

Apart from this you will have to do the interior work including paint, plumbing, electrical, Sanitary etc. to make the residence/commercial project complete. Range of choices in the interior work are a lot and it depends mostly on the client and designers perspective, so rate cannot be prepared until BoQ finalisation.

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